Kadzaev Tamerlan Borisovich
Kadzaev Tamerlan Borisovich

Kadzaev Tamerlan Borisovich

Specialization:bariatric surgeon
Experience:more than 3 years
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About doctor:

Practice in the departments of kidney and pancreas transplants, where he took part in operations as an assistant (preparation of a kidney transplant (back- table), transplantation), registration of documentation and full supervision of the patient before and after the operation; in the Burn Ward, where he took part in autodermoplasty operations, management of patients with skin and respiratory burns of various degrees, as well as in the Emergency Surgery and Operative Oncology Department, where he took part in abdominal surgery operations, as well as hemicolectomy, abdominal-perineal extirpation, laporoscopic cholecyst- and appendectomy, as well as hemorrhoidectomy. Full supervision of patients in the postoperative period.

Working with patients with surgical, trauma pathologies in a polyclinic: performing small surgical interventions, manipulations, dressings, observation and supervision of chronic patients.


I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Moscow).

Under the higher education program. Faculty:  General Medical (2013-2019).

Residency program in N.V. Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine .

Specializations: General surgery. (2019-2021).

Academy of Postgraduate Education of the FNKTS FMBA of Russia under the postgraduate program: Surgery (2021- Present (currently on academic leave).

Advanced training