Davudov Zubair Davudovich
Davudov Zubair Davudovich

Davudov Zubair Davudovich

Experience:5+ years
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About the doctor

Professional skills and knowledge:

  • Assessment of the patient's condition before surgery, preparation of the patient for anesthesia.
  • Anesthesiological support for surgeries, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures requiring anesthesia or monitoring of the respiratory and circulatory system during their implementation.
  • Conducting general intravenous, inhalation, regional, multimodal and combined anesthesia during surgeries.
  • Elimination of patients from terminal states. Mastered the methodology for calculating parenteral nutrition and their implementation in clinical practice.
  • Correction of water-electrolyte disorders and acid-base state, coagulation system disorders.
  • Installation of central venous catheter under ultrasound-guidance.

2010-2016 - Astrakhan State Medical University, Faculty "General Medicine",  General practitioner

2016-2018 - Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education "RMANPO"

Anesthesiologist-Resuscitationist (residency)