Khanmirzoeva Sabina Etibarovna
Khanmirzoeva Sabina Etibarovna

Khanmirzoeva Sabina Etibarovna

Position:Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Surgeon
Experience:18+ years
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About the doctor

Knowledge of working conditions in the VHI system, there are certificates in the specialties of obstetrics-gynecology, ultrasound diagnostics, laporoscopy: possesses the skills of laporoscopy - (conservative myomectomy, appendage surgery, adhesiolysis), hysteroscopy, laparotomy (amputation and extirpation of the uterus with appendages, conservative myomectomy, adhesiolysis), surgical treatment with vaginal access (vaginal extirpation of the uterus, anterior and posterior colporraphy, levatoroplasty, bladder mobilization) mastery of aesthetic gynecology techniques, intimate contour plastic, diagnosis and treatment in urogynecology, expertise in performing ultrasound, colposcopy.


1997 - Derbent branch of the Modern Humanitarian Academy, Derbent, Astrakhan.

2009.2014 - completed a course of improvement in obstetrics and gynecology at the State Educational Institution of Higher Vocational Education Astrakhan State Medical Academy. Advanced Medical Studies. (Certificate No. 28, Certificate. NO. А 2211120; Certificate No.  0130240379773)

2014 - passed a continuing training course on the topic "medical and preventive care in antenatal consultations with the basics of colposcopy" (diploma reg. No. 1038 No.  302401401748)

2015 - by the decision of the examination commission at State Educational Institution of Higher Vocational Education Astrakhan State Medical Academy of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the "ultrasound diagnostics" was allowed to conduct special medical activity. (reg. No. 123 certificate No.  0130240465606 dated 27.02.2015, diploma reg. No. 320, No.  302401311534 dated February 27, 2015)

2017 - a series of courses of improvement was held at the All-Russian State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education of the Rostov State University of the Ministry of Health of Russia with a degree in laporoscopy and hysteroscopy in gynecology. (reg. No. 172/17, dated 16.22.2017).

2019 - passed the advanced training course of NovoNexus LLC in Moscow under the program "Intimate Contour Plastic Repleri." (reg. № 131 - 183GO17 diploma № 7727 00022734).

2019 - took an advanced training course at the Federal Scientific and Clinical Center for Specialized Types of Medical Care of the FMBA of Russia under the additional professional program "Topical Issues of Occupational Pathology." (Diploma No. 2122 No. 27,0348088 of 30.03.2019)

Medical activity/Professional experience/Achievements

Certificate of a specialist of the second category.

Co-author of scientific articles.


Sabina Etibarovna, thank you very much for your work and care! You are a doctor from God! I came to you from Dagestan! For a very long time I could not get pregnant! After lapasocopy, thanks to you a miracle happened! Thank you very much!

I express my sincere gratitude to Sabina Etibarovna. She is a doctor from God! She takes her petients very seriously. She is very patient and focused. What is especially important is that she is a Professional! Such a doctor can be entrusted with health and life! Thank you very much and bow low to you!