Magdalina Ivan Petrovich
Magdalina Ivan Petrovich

Magdalina Ivan Petrovich

Position:Plastic surgeon
Specialization:plastic surgeons
Experience:6+ years
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About Doctor
  • Successful experience in plastic surgery for more than 6 years.
  • Reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery using surgical techniques.
  • Successful facial and body plastic surgery experience (abdominoplasty - complete and miniabdominoplasty), upper and lower blepharoplasty, Bichat's fat pads, liposuction (hardware, classical), lipophiling, lipectomy and body sculpturing, scar excision, labiaplasty, otoplasty, restoration of the nipple-areolar complex, reconstruction of the TRAM breast - flap, mastopexy (tightening of the periareolar, vertical, and T-shaped glands), endoprosthesis of the mammary glands, reduction (reduction of the mammary glands), gluteoplasty, removal of polyacrylamide gel, tightening of thigh skin and hand skin, breast recovery from unsuccessful surgeries, reconstructive breast surgery after undergoing oncopathologies).
  • Full patient supervision before and after surgery, rehabilitation of patients in accordance with established rules and standards of treatment.

2012 - Ural State Medical Academy. UGMA, Yekaterinburg. Specialty: General Practitioner

2013 - Internship: General Surgery, Yekaterinburg

2015 - Residency: Reconstructive and Plastic surgery Sechenov University, Moscow

Medical practice/Professional experience/Achievements

2014 - VIII International Course in Plastic Surgery S.V. Nudelman, Yekaterinburg

2016 - February 11, 2016 "New technologies in the field of bioprinting", Moscow

2017 - Professional retraining: Oncology

2018 - National Congress "Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology", Moscow

2018 - MONICA Certificate Renewal General Surgery

2019 - 7MOSCOW BREAST MEETING Reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery

2020 - IX National Congress Reconstructive and Aesthetic Breast Surgery

2020 - MOSCOW BREAST MEETING Plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology Moscow

2020 - 1st WORLD AESTHETIC MEDICINE&PLASTIC SURGERY (# WAMPS) Reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery

2020 - Renewal of the certificate. Placic Surgery Lancet Academic Center, Moscow

Additional Information

Since 2019 Full member of the Russian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

Advanced training