Magdieva Habiba Maratovna
Magdieva Habiba Maratovna

Magdieva Habiba Maratovna

Position:Plastic surgeon
Specialization:plastic surgeons
Experience:5+ years
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About the doctor

Many of those who want to look good are ready to use the services of beauty industry professionals - but how to meet the right specialist for you? How to find the one that you would be comfortable working with? There is no definite answer to this question, but you can try to find a suitable one by target method. Magdieva Habiba is a plastic surgeon, and she will do everything possible to make you become her loyal client. She works on the author's method of suction lipectomy and body sculpturing by Timur Khaidarov.


2015 - State-Financed Educational Institution of the Higher Professional Education "Dagestan State Medical Academy". Specialty - General Medicine, Doctor

2016 - FSBEI "Dagestan State Medical University," internship in the specialty "Surgery", Surgeon

2018 - FSBEI "North-Western State Medical University named after N.I. Mechnikov" residency in the specialty "Plastic Surgery"

List of manipulations and surgeries

Professional interests:

  • Upper and lower eyelid plastics;
  • Mid- and lower-third facelift and neck lift;
  • Pinna plastic;
  • Lip plastic;
  • Thread facelift with Aptos threads;
  • Breast plastics;
  • Glandular enlargement by implants;
  • Reduction of glands;
  • Breast lift;
  • Plastic of the anterior abdominal wall (abdominoplasty);
  • Hand plasticity (brachioplasty);
  • Liposuction;
  • Labioplasty (plastic of the labia minora);
  • Hernia plastic of the anterior abdominal wall.
Examples of work

Breast augmentation surgery was carried out by the gorgeous, responsive surgeon Magdieva Habiba Maratovna. It was great. Prior to that, consultations were held, everything was described in detail and how and what would happen. Six months have passed since then, and I am very happy with the result! Thank you very much!