Plakida Artem Nikolaevich
Plakida Artem Nikolaevich

Plakida Artem Nikolaevich

Position:Plastic surgeon
Specialization:plastic surgeons
Experience:2+ years
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About the doctor

An experienced plastic surgeon with great skill and professionalism


2018 - Tyumen State Medical Academy, Tyumen General Medicine, Medical Doctor

2020 - Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk - Plastic Surgery

Advanced training, courses

2020  Residency in Plastic Surgery, Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk - Plastic Surgery

Medical practice/Professional experience/Achievements


Dr. Plakida conducts reconstructive aesthetic surgery of the cartilaginous and soft tissues of the auricles. Correction of various ear abnormalities, post-traumatic changes and anatomical structure disorders with exceptional care and accuracy.


Artem Nikolaevich specializes in plastic surgery of the upper and lower eyelids. He corrects age, congenital and acquired asymmetries, and deformations in the eyelid region. He also offers forehead lifting and temporal lifting to eliminate tired look.


In the field of body contouring, Artem Nikolaevich specializes in liposuction of the cervical-chin region. He achieves excellent results by using liposuction and lipophilizing to correct contours in men and women.

Intimate plastic, labioplasty and lipofilling

The doctor offers a wide range of surgeries related to intimate plastic, labiaplasty and lipomodelling. He has a high level of skill in dealing with patients in this sensitive area.

Removal of Bichat's fat pads.


Artem Nikolaevich performs operations in the area of ​breast shape correction in both women and men, including breast enlargement with implants or own fat, breast tightening, breast reduction (reducing mammoplasty) and correction of gynecomastia.


Artem Nikolaevich performs classical abdominoplasty with the suturing of diastasis and also conducts mini-abdominoplasty.

Hip lift

Correction of cicatricial deformations

Artem Nikolaevich has expertise in the correction of cicatricial deformations that occurred after operations, injuries or burns.

Advanced training