Clinic Reviews

Doctor: Saakyan Nelli Aramovna

Nelly Aramovna is an incredible cosmetologist. I have been visitng her for several years. I do injections and hardware procedures. I highly recommend this doctor

Doctor: Khidarov Timur Toshniyozovich

Five years ago, when the second child grew up and I already knew that I didn't want any more children, I set myself that I wanted a new breast. I have a small one, there was no sagging, but there was no form either. Khidarov was the first surgeon to whom I came for a consultation. Then there were three more surgeons, but I returned to Timur Toshniezovich. And now, six months ago, my dream came true. Thanks to Timur Toshniezovich and his team for that. Thank you for making people beautiful!

Doctor: Khidarov Timur Toshniyozovich

Despite the difficult rehabilitation, I do not regret that I did not do abdominoplasty. Finally, my waist appeared, and I do not need to hide my jelly belly. I decided on the surgery earlier this year. I did it with the surgeon - Khidarov Timur Toshniezovich. I would have thought for a long time, but after going to several doctors, this one caused confidence, and I took this step.

Doctor: Khidarov Timur Toshniyozovich

I really dreamed of working on my stomach after two births. It's good that my husband thinks of me and supported me from beginning to end. Now I am happy to look at myself in the mirror. However, this is the great merit of my doctor - Khidarov Timur Toshniezovich. He is a professional in his field!

Doctor: Khanmirzoeva Sabina Etibarovna

I express my sincere gratitude to Sabina Etibarovna. She is a doctor from God! She takes her petients very seriously. She is very patient and focused. What is especially important is that she is a Professional! Such a doctor can be entrusted with health and life! Thank you very much and bow low to you!

Doctor: Khanmirzoeva Sabina Etibarovna

Sabina Etibarovna, thank you very much for your work and care! You are a doctor from God! I came to you from Dagestan! For a very long time I could not get pregnant! After lapasocopy, thanks to you a miracle happened! Thank you very much!

Doctor: Elagin Ilya Borisovich

Ilya Borisovich is a master of his craft, an experienced and highly qualified specialist. I am insanely glad that I got to this particular surgeon!

A year ago, I hardly climbed to the fourth floor, at the end of the day my back just fell off. I had constant shortness of breath, apathy and a feeling of guilt. Now I have already dropped about 50 kg, and I can enjoy life again, walk with children and feel great. Thank you for your work, you are saving people!

Doctor: Magdieva Habiba Maratovna

Breast augmentation surgery was carried out by the gorgeous, responsive surgeon Magdieva Habiba Maratovna. It was great. Prior to that, consultations were held, everything was described in detail and how and what would happen. Six months have passed since then, and I am very happy with the result! Thank you very much!

Doctor: Strelin Svyatoslav Alexandrovich

I have already had two surgeries with Dr. Strelin. After a significant weight loss, I had abdominoplasty, then U had my eyelids correction. Now I plan to make a beautiful breast. I am completely sure of the doctor; I will not trust it to anyone else.

Doctor: Strelin Svyatoslav Alexandrovich

I really liked the clinic. Thank you very much Strelin Svyatoslav, you are a wizard!

Doctor: Piramagomedova Oksana Bagautdinovna

The consultation went very well. I liked it. Oksana Bagautdinovna gave recommendations and everything went well. I cobsulted with her recently again, and now I am undergoing treatment. I was examined during consultation. I sincerely recommend the doctor.

Doctor: Pravudova Ekaterina Gennadievna

Ekaterina Gennadievna is a wonderful specialist. I really liked her both as a person and as a specialist.

Thank you!