Complex surgeries

Plastic Surgery and Gynecology

Deficiencies in one's own body often cause discomfort and self-doubt in a woman, which often leads to serious problems in sexual life. You can correct the situation using labioplastyy in one surgery with a plastic surgeon. With the help of labioplsty, IQPLASTIQUE specialists correct congenital or acquired defects of the female genital organs. Our doctors perform surgeries to restore structure and function or improve the appearance of the genitals.

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology

Combined facial surgery is a comprehensive approach to rejuvenation. Thanks to the close cooperation of specialists and the possibilities of combining plastic surgery and cosmetology, we are achieving truly impressive results! 
Example of combined facial surgery: SMAS lifting + Blepharoplasty + Facial or eyelid resurfacing, scarring, stretching + RF - Morpheus 8 lifting + biorevitalization.

Plastic Surgery and Bariatrics

Post-bariatric surgery aims to improve the appearance of patients after massive weight loss. The main meaning of this area of   plastic surgery is to excise excess hanging skin in the absence of subcutaneous fat. All post-bariatric interventions aim to reduce excess volumes, tighten dangling skin, or excise excess skin.

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