Circular blepharoplasty

Circular blepharoplasty is a procedure that allows you to return youth to the eye, eliminate imperfections and age changes. It involves the correction of the upper and lower eyelids, requires a high qualification of a plastic surgeon. This is due to the complex anatomical structure of the organ of vision and its surrounding tissues. In the clinic of plastic surgery, cosmetology and rehabilitation IQPLASTIQUE, doctors with extensive experience work. They carry out the procedure taking into account the specifics of health, the wishes of the patient and the goals set.


It is worth visiting a plastic surgeon if you have:

  • loose skin of the upper and lower eyelids;
  • deep tear troughs;
  • dynamic wrinkles;
  • asymmetry;
  • overhang of the upper and lower eyelids.

In comparison with other similar procedures, the method allows for a more pronounced aesthetic effect, since it immediately eliminates several problems. Its peculiarity is that there is a harmonious rejuvenation of the area around the eyes, without the need to undergo a long period of rehabilitation.

At a young age, circular blepharoplasty is performed in clinics to eliminate congenital eye imperfections. After 40 years old in women, due to the appearance of lymphoid upper eyelid (skin influx), the need for rejuvenation occurs more often. By this period, age wrinkles become noticeable. At the first consultation, the doctor assesses age manifestations and offers a treatment regimen.

What are the types of circular blepharoplasty exist?

The essence of the technique lies in combining different types:

  • Classical upper tissue blepharoplasty. Involves the removal of excess skin and adipose tissue.
  • Transconjunctival method. Incisions are made along the mucous membrane of the lower eyelids, through which the plastic surgeon removes fatty hernias.
  • Lower eyelid plastics. With the help of an incision, the doctor extracts a fat lump, cuts off excess skin and places a cosmetic suture.

Depending on the indications, the methods may vary to obtain an optimal result. If necessary, the doctor may use laser blepharoplasty of the upper part or the classic method of tightening the lower eyelid. When using a laser, trauma is minimal. The incision is made with a beam that immediately cauterizes the capillaries. The method excludes wound infection or the appearance of keloid scars.

Features of circular blepharoplasty in the clinic

Before the procedure, plastic surgeons order the necessary examination. They include blood and urine tests, fluorography and ECG. In chronic pathologies, the range of research is expanding. History allows you to correctly select the anesthesia. General anesthesia is most commonly used.

Preparation for the change involves compliance with the recommendations of the surgeon. Special diets are not required, but at least per day it is worth giving up alcohol. The surgery is performed on the scab. You can't drink water in 4 to 5 hours. Immediately before the start, the doctor makes the labeling of the removed skin areas, disinfects the face, performs anesthesia and performs the necessary manipulations.

Recovery period description

With proper care and compliance with all the recommendations of the plastic surgeon, the swelling lasts for 1 to 2 weeks. Proper care accelerates the disappearance of edema and stimulates early healing.

A month after blepharoplasty, they are allowed to return to intense physical activity, visiting the solarium, tanning (with the condition of protecting the skin and scar).

Eyes during contour blepharoplasty are not injured, they do not need special care. In the first days, to prevent the occurrence of irritation, it is recommended to refuse to wear lenses.

Life after circular eyelid blepharoplasty

The final result is visible in 5-6 weeks. Often, there is no need for another surgery. In order to maintain the effect, you will need to carefully take care of the skin, do not forget to resort to cosmetological care procedures, which will be prescribed by your healthcare provider and cosmetologist.

Blepharoplasty gives a complex result of rejuvenation. The gaze becomes young, open. Patients who decide to rejuvenate note the naturalness of the result, the lack of a mask effect.

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