Lower eyelid blepharoplasty

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery in the eye area, which consists in correcting the incision of the eyes and the shape of the eyelids, as well as in eliminating aesthetic imperfections resulting from age-related changes in the skin. The essence of surgery is to eliminate excess skin and hernial neoplasms. When performed correctly, the look becomes more open and light, giving the face a special freshness.

Indications for the procedure

The relevance of lower eyelid plastics is due to the following problems:

  • fatty hernia deposits and sagging of the skin under the eyes. Hernia refers to a formation consisting of fatty fiber and localized in the space between the circular muscle of the eyes and the skin of the lower eyelids. The cause of its occurrence is the loss of the tone of the eye muscle;
  • deep tear troughs and wrinkles in the eye area;
  • effect of "sunken eyes;
  • bags under the eyes.

Direct indications for prompt intervention are:

  • loose thinning skin, which has lost elasticity and elasticity;
  • loose thinning skin, which has lost elasticity and elasticity;
  • damage of congenital or acquired nature in the form of various mechanical injuries or asymmetry;
  • lowering of external angles of eyes.
Types of plastic procedures

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty comes in several types:

  1. Such blepharoplasty involves an incision in the sub-ciliary area, through which cutaneous fat excesses are removed. After tightening the muscles, a barely noticeable suture is applied.
  2. The essence of this method boils down to the removal of fatty and hernial deposits by punctures on the mucous membrane of the eyes. The advantages of such a correction are the absence of scars and rapid healing.
  3. Elimination of lower eyelid defects by transplantation of adipose tissue. Such blepharoplasty makes it possible to replenish the missing volumes if there are troughs under the eyes or deep tear troughs.
How is the procedure performed

Lower eyelid plastic can be produced under general anesthesia or using local anesthesia. The choice depends on a variety of associated factors.

The algorithm of actions during plastic surgery under general anesthesia boils down to the following:

  • a special preparation is introduced, after which time is expected for the patient to fall into deep sleep;
  • fat hernias are removed or distributed;
  • if necessary, eyelid tissues are tightened or lipophilizing is performed;
  • bandage is applied.

After that, the patient is transferred to a regular ward, where he recovers after anesthesia.

Recovery procedure

Lower blepharoplasty is accompanied by swelling and the possible appearance of bruises, which completely disappear up to two weeks. The rehabilitation period of postoperative correction is fast and without complications. The main thing is to comply with all medical recommendations. Overall Recovery Occurs as follows:

  • Immediately after the surgery. Strips and sutures are applied to the operated areas of the lower eyelids, after which the patient is transferred to the ward, where ice is applied to the patient in order to reduce eyelid swelling. After a couple of hours, the patient is discharged from the clinic for treatment in an outpatient format under supervision surgeon.
  • In the first days, it is necessary to take the means prescribed by the doctor, as well as make cold antiseptic lotions to reduce swelling.
  • About a week later, strips and seams are removed at the scheduled inspection.
  • After three weeks, patients come to the planned dressing at the clinic. No visual swelling, bruising, or redness. At this stage, it is allowed to gradually engage in sports loads.

After a month period of sport activities, you can fully do sports without limitations. Routine check-up at the clinic with assessment of the condition of scars during postoperative recovery is performed after 2, 3, 6 months. And the last check shall be perfored in a year.

Benefits of life before and after

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty is a procedure that helps solve age and aesthetic problems. Many patients after plastic surgery note:

  • disappearance of bags and dark circles under the eyes;
  • reduction of wrinkles and swelling;
  • expressive bright look;
  • young eye shape and beautiful cut.

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