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Facelift - a complex of surgical manipulations, the action of which is aimed at correcting the facial contour and eliminating signs of gravitational ptosis. This is a rejuvenating procedure that restores the elasticity of the skin of the face. SMAS is one of the varieties of facelift. More precisely, SMAS is a muscle layer of tissue located immediately under the skin and adipose fiber, which is responsible for the youth of the face. SMAS lifting is a procedure for modeling the oval and improving the quality of the skin of the face by affecting this subcutaneous layer.


Facelift, SMAS in particular, is required if the following manifestations are present:

  • ptosis;
  • changing the contours of the front oval when it loses clarity and begins to swell;
  • second chin formation; the appearance of jowls;
  • facial and deep wrinkles;
  • laxity and reduced skin elasticity accompanied by constant swelling;
  • drooping of the brow area, corners of the lips;
  • overhanging of the upper eyelids.

Facelift procedures are most often shown after the age of 35. These procedures are carried out for both men and women, regardless of the type of skin.

Types of facelifts

The most popular methods of rejuvenation of the facial oval are:


It is recommended to patients whose age has exceeded 45-50 years, and is aimed at correcting significant age changes, allowing to achieve rejuvenation for decades. This kind of circular facelift is done in the form of incisions in natural folds, which makes the scars invisible.


The most popular and effective facial rejuvenation technique recommended for patients up to 45 years of age or older. Smass is a muscular-aponeurotic system that closes the adipose tissue and keeps the facial muscles in good shape. Such lifting involves the development of this particular system, as a result of which a long-term rejuvenating effect is achieved.

Temporal lifting

It helps to get rid of age-related changes that affected the eyebrow zone. By means of such plastics, it is possible to:

  • lift the external corners of the eyes;
  • smooth wrinkles located in the corners of the eyes;
  • lift the eyelids and lowered tissue structures of the cheeks.

Platysmoplasty (neck plasty)

The effect of such a lift is aimed at correcting age-related changes in the cervical-chin area.
It helps to get rid of the second chin and wrinkles localizing on the neck. It is a complex of plastic surgeries, which, if necessary, can include liposuction, as well as the removal of excess skin. In combination with SMAS lifting, it is considered one of the effective methods for eliminating undesirable age-related consequences in the lower face.

The purpose of lifting

Since the lifting of the face oval is carried out using several methods, the algorithm for each of them is different. At the same time, general anesthesia is used in each of the lifting types, and the duration of plastic intervention varies within 1.5-3 hours.


  • an incision is made in the area of ​the temples along the hairline, which is led down through the front of the ear, circles the lobe and ends in the area of ​ ​the back of the head in the scalp;
  • the excised skin is peeled off, stretched, after which excess is cut off from it;
  • tissues are fixed in a new position and stitched together.


Incisions can be made in front or behind the auricle, going into the scalp. After tissue detachment, the muscular-aponeurotic layer is mobilized with its subsequent suturing in a new position.

Temporal lifting

It involves making incisions in the scalp in the area of ​ ​ the temples. Further, the algorithm of surgical actions is similar to previous types.


Incisions are made in the ear lobe behind the ear or in the chin fold. The edges of the neck muscle, after removal of fatty fiber located on the surface, are sewn together.

Recovery period

Immediately after the facelift is performed, the surgeon covers the operated areas with sterile surgical bandages, which are removed after a couple of days. Removal of sutures in the absence of complications is carried out after 10 days, and complete healing and the effect of lifting occurs six months to a year after the surgery. Heat exposure is excluded for the first 2-3 weeks. In addition, physical sports activities are also restricted. During this period, complete peace is to be observed, and it is also recommended to wear compression underwear.

Benefits of before and after facelift

Facelifting is a way to extend the youth of the face for several decades. SMAS technology allows you to achieve elasticity of the skin, as well as get rid of negative age-related consequences with minimal injury and recovery period. The procedure gives an exclusively aesthetic result and does not have any medical indications. Facelift significantly improves the quality of life, relieving complexes and dissatisfaction with appearance. It increases self-confidence and its own attractiveness.

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