Removal of Bish pads

Bish pads - fat accumulations in the cheeks. As the human body matures, these clusters perform a number of physiological functions. However, after the final formation of the facial skeleton and muscle structures, they lose their functionality, as a result of which their removal is completely safe. The surgery to remove Bish pads is called a bishectomy and is aimed at eliminating fat excess in the area between the cheekbones and the lower jaw.

Indications for the surgery

Surgical removal of Bish pads is exclusively an aesthetic procedure, therefore, the indications for it are the disadvantages of the cosmetic nature of the bright expression:

  • massive lower face, creating visual imbalance;
  • excessive accumulation of fat in the cheek area.

The operation is also indicated in patients with wide cheekbones and thick skin of the face.

Types of bishectomy

The removal of pads is carried out in two ways:

  1. Classical. A surgical scalpel is used, through which the doctor gains access to fat accumulations. After the adipose tissue is removed, the incision is sewn with special biologically soluble threads and closed with an antiseptic dressing to prevent infection.
  2. Laser. It assumes the use of a laser beam. This type of surgical intervention is carried out in a faster time, and is also characterized by a minimal degree of trauma and a short recovery period. The laser has a "sealing" effect on the vessels, which almost completely eliminates the risk of bleeding and infection.
Surgery procedure features

Since laser equipment is considered more expensive, a more common way to eliminate lumps is the classic scalpel method, on the example of which we will consider the course of the surgery:

  • a miniature scalpel incision is made on the inside of the cheek;
  • by means of a special tool, adipose tissue is extracted, after which the incisions are sewn with special absorbable threads;
  •  the seams are covered with a disinfectant bandage, which is fixed by means of an elastic bandage.

During the surgery, general anesthesia or local anesthesia is used.

Recovery period

On average, the recovery period after removal of Bish pads lasts about 2 weeks. During this time, it is recommended to reduce the stress on the surgically exposed area. In order to prevent swelling, you need to sleep on your back using a high pillow. In addition, during this period, it is necessary to refuse to visit bath complexes and perform any physical activity.

Benefits before and after surgery

Plastic surgery to eliminate Bish pads has the following positive benefits:

  • reduced facial volumes;
  • cheekbones and chin become clearly contoured;
  • face features acquire perfect proportionality and a more refined appearance.

The final result can be evaluated six months after the surgery.

Before and After

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