Breast lift

Mastopexia is a surgical breast lift. The purpose of the surgery is to acquire a lean and attractive appearance. The indication is ptosis or omission of the breast after weight loss, breastfeeding or changes that have occurred with age. Moreover, surgery is necessary in case of contour disturbance, low areola location or imbalances between volume and physique. Plastic surgeons of our clinic often perform breast tightening at the same time as breast replacement (enlargement).

Preparation for the procedure

Before breast lift, the patient is referred for mammography, ultrasound and laboratory tests. It is necessary to exclude blood thinners, to give up alcoholic beverages and smoking 7 days before the surgery.

A consultation with a mammologist is also carried out. With a plastic surgeon, the future shape of the mammary glands and the need for enlargement with implants are discussed in advance.

Types of breast lift

Mastopexy is performed in several ways:

  • Periareolar (suture around the areola) - shown for minor ptosis. It includes not only the elimination of omission, but also correction of the size and shape of the nipples. The advantage lies in the small number of postoperative scars.
  • Vertical (vertical suture) - performed when the mammary glands are significantly lowered. It allows not only to form a beautiful contour, but also to restore the desired volume. It involves removing excess skin, moving the chest and areola up, followed by fixation.
  • Anchor (T-shaped, seam in submammary fold) - allows to eliminate ptosis of the 3rd degree. Forms a stable breast shape. The main work falls on the internal structures of the breast.

The length and area of ​ ​ position of postoperative scars depends on the original shape and condition of the mammary glands. The ratio of glandular tissue to skin is also fundamental.

Breast lift stages

Mastopexy is carried out under general anesthesia. The duration of the procedure depends on the complexity of the surgery - 1.5-3 hours.

Mastopexy sequence:

  1. Marking the chest - marking the correct position of the areoles. 
  2. Making small cuts and excising excess skin.
  3. Giving the chest a beautiful shape, followed by cosmetic stitches.

If necessary, the doctor installs a drainage system to remove accumulated fluid.

Recovery period

After mastopexy, rehabilitation is necessary. The stay in the clinic lasts from 1 to 2 days. Surgical sutures are removed in 10-14 days. In the early postoperative period, there is a decrease in sensitivity and swelling, which goes away 3-4 days after surgery.

Complete recovery takes up to 4 weeks. It is necessary to wear compression linen throughout the recovery period. For 1.5-2 months, it is necessary to limit physical activity, exclude visits to the sauna and solarium.

Benefits of life before and after

The final result of the breast lift is assessed at 4-6 months. Mastopexia gives a persistent result that lasts for a long time and depends on the patient's lifestyle. Changes are possible only with age or with a sharp decrease in weight.

In addition to external beauty, mastopexia allows the patient to acquire internal confidence and improve well-being. Reducing the volume of the mammary glands normalizes breathing, helps straighten posture and relieves back pain. After breast surgery, sleeping on the stomach and intense training in the gym is permissible.

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